How Much Wattage Should a Subwoofer Have?

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Picking out the subwoofer is not really difficult if you know what to look for. About 90% of today’s subwoofers are active. That means that the subwoofer connects to your source via a regular audio cable. The advantage of having an active subwoofer is that your source doesn’t require a bulky amplifier. The amplifier instead is located within the subwoofer.

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Another advantage is that there are some wireless subwoofer models on the market which makes sense because the subwoofer itself already has a power supply and thus can easily supply a wireless receiver unit within operating voltage. The only have a single power cord needs to be plugged in and you have a great amount of flexibility in placing the subwoofer.

The question though is how much wattage should an active subwoofer have? This really depends on the subwoofer itself is well as you environment. If the subwoofer is a fairly efficient speaker which means that the internal diaphragm has a large sensitivity then the wattage can …

Why Are Loudspeakers Becoming Smaller?

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Loudspeaker technology has evolved quite a bit recently. Therefore nowadays you can find thousands of Bluetooth wireless speakers on the market. These speakers sometimes are no larger than an egg. However, oftentimes the sound quality is less than what you might desire. Nonetheless, loudspeaker technology has improved in terms of frequency response as the size of speakers has become smaller. In part this has been caused by necessity. People oftentimes want to take speakers on the go. That means that the speaker itself if it is wireless will have to be lightweight and small in order to be able to fit into the back. In addition, wireless speakers need internal batteries to power the amplifier. Batteries take up space. That means that the air volume inside the enclosure of the speaker is much smaller than the volume of regular speakers.

However, the physics of loudspeakers dictates a specific air volume for achieving a decent low-frequency response. Therefore, some of us are usually fairly large. In addition, if you ever …

How to Take Care Of Your Audio Equipment

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Most types of audio equipment can sustain damage due to various reasons. Therefore, depending on how much money you have spent on purchasing all of your audio gear, it is wise some precautions to protect your investment. In this post, I will show you some common-sense techniques that you can employ for making sure that your audio equipment is going to work perfectly for long time.

One of them most common causes for damage to audio equipment are power surges. Power surges can occur during thunderstorms. Therefore, I recommend protecting your device by using a surge protector or a clean power source. A clean power source is able to filter power much better than a simple surge protector but cost more money. However, if you have spent thousands of dollars on your equipment then purchasing a clean power source can be well worth it.

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If you own some expensive speakers then I recommend connecting them to an amplifier which does not have excessive wattage. Excessive power …

Some Tips for Troubleshooting Audio Products

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I will show you some guidelines which might help you repair electronic products such as audio amplifiers or home theater systems. However, because there so many devices out there, I am just going to give you some very general tips rather than going into specifics. The fact is that each device is different from one another. Therefore, in order to repair some more involved problem, you will need to have very good knowledge of electronics and also supporting documents from the manufacturer. These documents are typically not available to the general public and as such you will not be able to undertake such a repair. However, it is still worth trying since many problems are fairly basic in can be resolved easily. Repairing a product is often the only feasible option over replacing it because labor cost has risen dramatically lately.

However, before you attempt repairing a product, make sure that the product is no longer covered by manufacturer warranty. Most manufacturers will give you at least one …